Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Besides the technology challenge, another roadblock to writing is just "life." A couple recent events that have kept me from writing as much as I would like: a six-day wildfire that was almost in our backyard at one point (with the possibility of evacuation), and a three-day horsemanship clinic we put on in Truckee, CA. I tried to post some photos in another blog format but it "ate" several of my fire pictures, so I got discouraged and gave up on that idea.

Today I finished the vocabulary lists and exercises for each chapter. After the frustrations of computer hassles, it was so fun to get back to just playing with words! I have always enjoyed words--writing, crossword puzzles, Scrabble and Boggle. Working crosswords gave me the thesaurus and dictionary habit. I love books that give the history and origin of words and phrases. I have a rudimentary knowledge of German, and even less of Spanish and Italian (musical terms are usually noted in Italian). I find it interesting to see the similarities of those language to English. I enjoy the sounds of interesting words.

Now that the chapter section of the curriculum unit is done, I will organize the many notes and rough drafts I have made on book analysis and cross-curricular activities.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Why a blog?

This blog will be the story of how my middle-grade novel, "The Orange Slipknot," is published, and what I as an author am working on.

I am home for the summer, since I work in a school. My main summer writing project is to finish the Curriculum Unit for the book. But the last few days, I have been spending several hours a day creating my author website and letting people know about it. I have already created two other websites (Jack Young Clinics and Jan's Bible Notes), so this part was not new to me. But I have had to spend alot of time learning my way around my new web hosting service, LunarPages. I even had to call Customer Support a couple of times.

It was VERY exciting when I finally clicked on my website and saw it appear on the Internet, for everyone to see! Every few hours I think of some little thing to add or change, so I fiddle with it and tweak it often. This past year, I have visited many children's author websites to get ideas about what I want on my site.

I can't wait to add more pages, but I must also spend time working on the lit unit. I have been working on a possible sequel to "The Orange Slipknot" this past year, and hope I can fit that back in later this summer. Some authors write all day, every day--I don't. I have a job and many other activities--piano students, housework, yardwork, special summer projects, grandchildren, and horses. I am just as busy now as I was during the school year!

I hope you enjoy reading about the progression of events as a children's book is published, and how one author goes about her writing.